About Us

Who are the Gooches?

In Colorado the Gooches married in 2010,
God said, “I’ll use you” but didn’t say when.
But then came the summer, about mid July,
when our Heavenly Father, gave His reply.
 So off to South Africa the Gooches did go, 
to feed hungry children and God’s Word to show. 

Jeanine's classroom in South Africa
Mike and Jeanine with Mom and Dad

After one year in So. Africa, Tanzania too,
God said, “Come children, there’s something you must do. “
They packed up their things , and then said good-bye,
because off to Massachusetts they found they must fly.
Jeanine’s parents were ill and alone could not stay.
God said, “don’t worry my children I’ll show you the way.”

Mike and Jeanine with Dad and Brother Jim

Relationships were strengthened they truly were blessed,
5 years later, God took Mom & Dad to their eternal rest.
After 1 year respite the Gooches were told,
they were going to move to a place not so cold.
So they packed up Riko & stuff in their car,
and drove off to Arizona which was pretty far.

Well the Gooches, found Arizona is as hot as they say,
but God in His Goodness found them a way,
to be happy and to serve Him in this desert land,
by working at church and to family lending a hand.
But God was not done with the Gooches oh no,
there is yet another place He wants them to go…

“Far across the ocean, the miles eight, four ninety-two, (8,492 miles)
Is the place where I am going to send both of you.
There in Phnom Pehn Cambodia you’ll see, your children need help and the people need Me.”
So we’ve packed up our things, new adventures to begin. It’s gonna be WILD, it’s gonna be GREAT and it’s gonna be FULL OF HIM.

Mike and Jeanine in Arizona